[Snort-users] Re: CAUTION: Long Rant!!! Re: [Snort-sigs] Broken 1429.2 (POLICY poll.gotomypc.c

Jason security at ...5028...
Tue Oct 12 20:16:33 EDT 2004

I think Brain was simply being a busy person conveying information that 
could have been worded to not afflict sensitive people. Unfortunately 
that would have taken time away from his more pressing tasks of 
supporting a huge community and doing his job at sourcefire. For all 
reading... I have posted this link before and think it summarizes many 
of the issue involved fairly well. It is certainly worth the read every 
few months.


Patrick S. Harper wrote:

> And, before Juan started posting here, he was e-mailing back and forth with
> me for about a week.  I do not mind helping people, I really enjoy it a lot.
> But they have to be willing to learn, and read, and Google. Even a new user
> to Linux that is fresh from the windows world is fine with me if they will
> do a little research themselves and e-mail the list when they get stuck
> (also they have to be able take advice and describe there troubles
> accurately.  And attempt the fix's people suggest).  
> On the other topic, I was going to stay shut up and most likely should, but
> I will only say this.  I understand being jumpy at times.  I have had people
> (like Juan of recent times) pound me and I, in an e-mail directly to him,
> got very very short with him.  I told him not to e-mail me if he was not
> going to take any suggestions.  
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> Aside from that Juan guy from a month ago, everyone is cool.
> (keep in mind to those that don't know, after he got his sensor up and
> running through the daunting efforts of everyone on the snort-users list, he
> started posting to pen-test at ...35... about pen-testing his network.
> I think someone else caught it too:-))
> Everyone collaborates, and everyone loves snort, that is all that is
> required (in my opinion). But if someone does post that they can not create
> the iso for fedora, or boot up the bootable cdrom, they deserved to be
> tortured (from my moderating duty for a bootable linux distro, Hi Tebo!). 
> Its security, its the edge we all enjoy.
> Tell me if this fits a general idea of the Snort community. I quote from the
> book Absolute OpenBSD by Michael Lucas, Chapter 0, OpenBSD Users.
> "The OpenBSD community generally expects users to be advanced computer
> users. They have written extensive documentation about OpenBSD, and expect
> people to be willing to read it. They're not interested in coddling new UNIX
>   users and will say so if pressed. They don't object to new UNIX users
> using OpenBSD, but do object to people asking them for basic UNIX help just
> because they happen to be running OpenBSD."
> I think this fits ( but that is my opionion), anyone who disagrees should be
> sacked!
> :-)
> Shirkdog
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