[Snort-users] Re: CAUTION: Long Rant!!! Re: [Snort-sigs] Broken 1429.2 (POLICY poll.gotomypc.c

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Tue Oct 12 16:23:27 EDT 2004

And, before Juan started posting here, he was e-mailing back and forth with
me for about a week.  I do not mind helping people, I really enjoy it a lot.
But they have to be willing to learn, and read, and Google. Even a new user
to Linux that is fresh from the windows world is fine with me if they will
do a little research themselves and e-mail the list when they get stuck
(also they have to be able take advice and describe there troubles
accurately.  And attempt the fix's people suggest).  

On the other topic, I was going to stay shut up and most likely should, but
I will only say this.  I understand being jumpy at times.  I have had people
(like Juan of recent times) pound me and I, in an e-mail directly to him,
got very very short with him.  I told him not to e-mail me if he was not
going to take any suggestions.  

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Aside from that Juan guy from a month ago, everyone is cool.

(keep in mind to those that don't know, after he got his sensor up and
running through the daunting efforts of everyone on the snort-users list, he
started posting to pen-test at ...35... about pen-testing his network.

I think someone else caught it too:-))

Everyone collaborates, and everyone loves snort, that is all that is
required (in my opinion). But if someone does post that they can not create
the iso for fedora, or boot up the bootable cdrom, they deserved to be
tortured (from my moderating duty for a bootable linux distro, Hi Tebo!). 
Its security, its the edge we all enjoy.

Tell me if this fits a general idea of the Snort community. I quote from the
book Absolute OpenBSD by Michael Lucas, Chapter 0, OpenBSD Users.

"The OpenBSD community generally expects users to be advanced computer
users. They have written extensive documentation about OpenBSD, and expect
people to be willing to read it. They're not interested in coddling new UNIX
  users and will say so if pressed. They don't object to new UNIX users
using OpenBSD, but do object to people asking them for basic UNIX help just
because they happen to be running OpenBSD."

I think this fits ( but that is my opionion), anyone who disagrees should be



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