[Snort-users] Re: CAUTION: Long Rant!!! Re: [Snort-sigs] Broken 1429.2 (POLICY poll.gotomypc.com access)

Bamm Visscher bamm.visscher at ...11827...
Tue Oct 12 11:47:22 EDT 2004

I'll admit to also being the type (like Brian) who abuses the sarcasm
key on his keyboard on a regular basis. Sometimes, people Some may
even consider my personality abusive  (a good friend recently joked
that it's a wonder I have as many friends as I do). I've also been on
opposite sides of heated discussions with practically everyone with a
snort.org mailing address (I think my picture may be permanently
affixed to Marty's dart board). With that said, I have to back Brian
on this. These lists have many different types of personalities, and
to think flame wars and other heated discussions aren't going to occur
in such a public forum is simply ignorant.  The important part is that
the parties involved either reconcile, agree to disagree, or whatever.
Looks like that has occurred in this case and it's unfortunate that
you felt the need to jump in and stir the pot (why the cross posts to

In further defense of Brian, I don't see how his response to your
posts are 'out of line'. Most of the time your posts are really just
poor attempts to pimp your proprietary product or "research paper" and
while trying to disguise it as help or advice anyway.  I think this
[0] is the post you were refering to and here [1] is Brian's response.
 Read the entire thread to get a bigger picture.  See, the problem
with these posts of yours is they are flat out wrong, yet you attempt
to protray yourself as an authority on the subject and then you get
upset when someone calls you out.

And finally, this quote from you just cracks me up, especially coming
from someone who seems to feel the neeed  to ammend a bunch of
meaningless certs and an irrelevant title to every posts.

> One thing in life you'll learn pretty quickly is that respect is earned, not
> given to you because of your status or who you are. 



BTW, this post is NOT a solicitation for you to contact me directly in
an attempt to pimp your product (again).  I shouldn't need to add
this, but you seem to have a lack of common sense in that regards.
[0] http://www.pantek.com/library/general/lists/snort.org/snort-sigs/msg00133.html
[1] http://www.pantek.com/library/general/lists/snort.org/snort-sigs/msg00138.html
On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 12:07:27 -0500, Eric Hines
<eric.hines at ...8860...> wrote:
> Brian,
> I will have to concur with Matt Jonkman here. You have a track record of
> degrading people in open forums and have done so to me on several occasions
> with no hesitation since I first started posting. The first occurrence I can
> remember was attempting to help the community make signatures for a new worm
> that came out. Your only response was to attack me for using reserved SIDs.
> You attack people on a consistent basis and am frankly getting sick and
> tired of you and your ego trips.
> One instance recently I'd like to bring up was your response to my post to
> Sam Evans who was inquiring about anyone who had run Vmware server + Snort.
> I merely offered the fact that several of our customers use it and you took
> the opportunity to not only attack my post but put words in my mouth and
> attacked me in an open forum while doing so.
> I don't know what your story is Brian, but everyone I've spoken to that
> you've ripped a new hole in on mailing lists would like to see your attitude
> take a major change. After all, you are the face of snort.org -- you should
> represent it with more professionalism and courtesy to the community.
> Thank God someone here had the audacity to finally say something to you.
> One thing in life you'll learn pretty quickly is that respect is earned, not
> given to you because of your status or who you are.
> Eric Hines, GCIA, CISSP
> CEO, President
> Applied Watch Technologies, Inc.

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