[Snort-users] reading tcpdump file

Edward Young ey52 at ...2868...
Mon Oct 11 15:26:25 EDT 2004


I am trying to read a tcpdump file into snort.  For some reason, it seems 
that some of the tcp packets are being ignored for some reason.  The only 
reason I can think of is because the tcpdump file only captured at most 96 
bytes of each frame.

The only rule I have in my config file is "alert tcp any any -> any any" and 
these are the results that I get:

Snort processed 37298 packets.
Breakdown by protocol:
    TCP: 32827      (88.013%)
    UDP: 475        (1.274%)
   ICMP: 32         (0.086%)
    ARP: 3176       (8.515%)
  EAPOL: 0          (0.000%)
   IPv6: 4          (0.011%)
    IPX: 7          (0.019%)
  OTHER: 531        (1.424%)
DISCARD: 246        (0.660%)
Action Stats:
ALERTS: 32621
LOGGED: 32621

Where do those remaining 206 packets go?  They are tcp so why aren't they 
logged?  I'm thinking that those 206 frames are the frames that are 


Edward Young 

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