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Mon Oct 11 02:12:45 EDT 2004

--On 10 October 2004 11:52 +0200 Michael Schwartzkopff <misch at ...3397...> 

> I have version v0.9.6b23 of ACID running. But the years in the "search
> time"   tab end 2004. Anybody knows if there will be a fix for next year?

I just knocked up the attached patch to fix this forever. It dynamically 
creates the year drop-down menus from 1999 to the current year of the 
system clock on the ACID host (so it might not be quite right around New 
Year, if you're monitoring sensors in different timezones).

The patch was actually against the CVS of ACID, so it might need some 
tweaking for 0.9.6b23.

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