[Snort-users] Problems with BASE... Need some help

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Sun Oct 10 07:36:07 EDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-10-10 at 01:03, Michael Steele wrote:
> You do realize that at this time there are very little differences in the
> actual Base program from the ACID program. If you are using ACID with no
> problems then I would stick with that until there are some major
> improvements in the Base program.
> It's nice to see the ACID code being branched after being ignored so long by
> the original programmer. Now all we need to see is some major improvements
> in the new Base program.
> Kindest regards, 
> Michael...
> WINSNORT.com Management Team Member


Michael, I tried to respond to your earlier email and for some reason
the mail bounced, so hopefully this will get to you, either through the
mailing list or directly.

As of the release, BASE has not added any functionality over
ACID.  We used the release to handle the repackage and clean up of the
code and to fix various minor bugs that had been reported.  The only
thing that could be considered a major change was that Chris added
support for PHP 5.  We also wanted to try and get some feedback from the

In the next few versions we are planning quite a bit of changes to the
code base.  We will be adding user authentication and role basing so
that you will be able to assign responsibilities within the
application.  We are also in the process of fixing the various holes
where the application doesn't check input and is vulnerable to XSS and
SQL injection.  We will also be adding Oracle support since it has been

As of right now, you can install BASE and point it at your ACID database
and everything will function.  This will enable you to run it side by
side with ACID while trying it out.  Our plans are to always include an
upgrade path for ACID users.  When we make a change to the database we
plan on doing it in such a way that it will not break ACID, just add
functionality to BASE.

We are also looking for any suggestions and help that any one is able to
offer.  For example, we need some more testers and we are still trying
to get the web site up and running.

Again thanks for the interest
BASE Project Lead
The next step in IDS analysis!
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