[Snort-users] ACID and 2005

Jose Maria Lopez jkerouac at ...12346...
Sun Oct 10 06:50:30 EDT 2004

El dom, 10 de 10 de 2004 a las 11:52, Michael Schwartzkopff escribió:
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> Hi,
> I have version v0.9.6b23 of ACID running. But the years in the "search time"  
> tab end 2004. Anybody knows if there will be a fix for next year? Any good 
> hints for an alternative (no Windooze) ?
> Thanks for comments.

The ACID team had the solution ready for 2004 just at the time,
so I think they will do the same with the 2005 issue, anyway you
can edit the PHP/HTML code and fix it, it's quite easy to do so. 

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