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More info (If anyone cares)


OS windows 2003

Php 5.02

MYSQL verion 4.021

I used the article at www.winsnort.com <http://www.winsnort.com/>
titled: Installing a complete IDS using IIS 5/6 Webserver


My problem is that I get slow performance from Acid OR Base. It takes a
long time for the web page to load.  I used those pieces because they
were listed in the article available here:


I installed Base because ACID doesn't seem to be supported.

I used the latest software where ever I could. I read the several
articles about mysql support being pulled in PHP 5 and saw that the
support is now done with extensions. I tried everything I could find and
decided to ask if anyone has done this.






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Has anyone been able to get php 5 to work with mysql?  

It seems that my queries using base or acid are very slow. I am trying
to speed up the web page loads. I was thinking that php 5 may be faster.


I have tried most of the items I have found on the web. But I do not
php5 to work.


I get this error: PHP ERROR: PHP build incomplete 


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