[Snort-users] Snort Acid/Base PHP 5 Windows question

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You know for being so smart, and who obviously knows me very well would
know that I have done all my research before I would have asked a such a
basic question.

Since you also know that before I post a question anywhere, I do a
google and would have read the archives.  I also read the change file
and read every file that came with everything.

Yes I am a newbie when it comes to snort. Or I should say, that I
haven't had the opportunity to spend countless hours having no life
learning a product that I haven't had to use prior to this point.

Yes I should have been a little more forthcoming with information. I
wasn't looking for a solution, I was looking to see if anyone had done
what I was doing.

Thank you for point out that I should have spent even more hours that I
have setting up this server and learning this software

I have to ask this question: are you an asshole in real life or are you
playing one on the internet?

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Yes, but what version of mysql are you trying to get working on php?

ACID is shit.  Use on a high capacity network at your peril.  It will
not work with php5 currently, but honestly I've never tried nor conceive
of doing so at anytime soon.  There are so many better alternatives out
there but:

You.  Yes you, are going to have to SEEK them out. Every once in a while
(if you check the archives you can discover the exact dates yourself,
where are the archives?  Try Google 'snort +list +archive') someone
announces new versions or even new tools.  If you know of sourceforge
you can check there for many old and new tools.  

To attempt to answer your question all I can ask is; did you discover
the differences between php 4 and php 5?  Or did you assume they were
the same?

Your error sounds very newbie-ish.  Try building it properly with all
the modules you require.  I'm certainly no mind reader so knowing what
your working with, where it's at, and what you wish to get to will need
to be clearly articulated over the next while to solve your problem.

This issue also is really unrelated to SNORT and as such belongs on a
php support list, but I doubt even they would help you since you
obviously didn't read the changefile.

Good luck,

j e r u v y a t s h a w d o t c a 

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Has anyone been able to get php 5 to work with mysql?  
It seems that my queries using base or acid are very slow. I am trying
to speed up the web page loads. I was thinking that php 5 may be faster.

I have tried most of the items I have found on the web. But I do not
php5 to work.

I get this error: PHP ERROR: PHP build incomplete 

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