[Snort-users] Cannot detect port scans

Nick Hatch nick at ...11410...
Tue Oct 5 17:24:05 EDT 2004

Why have you asked this question six times in the past two weeks? If 
nobody answers your question the first time, it's most likely because 
the question you're asking isn't interesting to anyone.

Asking it six times won't get it added to the FAQ if it's already there...


RD R wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have snort running on an XP Pro box with MySQL and Acid and 
> Winpcap.  Everything is working fine, however I cannot detect port 
> scans.  I have run nmap and superscan against my network and I cannot 
> detect them.  I set the XP box to for IP and I placed the box 
> inside of the firewall.  I spanned the ports on our cisco switch and I 
> am monitoring any traffic that crosses the switch.  I would like to 
> include my snort.conf file so all can see it but when I do the list 
> rejects my email :(  How can I enable the port scan, I have 
> uncommented the Flow port scan preproccesors.  Thanks.

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