[Snort-users] No Alerts Being Generated

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Hi there --

I made the change within the snort.conf file you had suggested. I also ran the
snort -T command
and it ran through the configuration without reporting back any errors. Finally,
I installed NeWT,
the Windows version of Nessus, on another machine and ran several different
tests on the snort box.
The tests I ran were portscans and the "SANS Top 20" list. After the scans were
finished, I checked
the alert file as well as the ACID GUI. Neither one mentioned any alert
conditions taking place. 

As a further test, I changed the !HOME_NET setting back to any to see if that
made any difference.
It did not. What should I look for next?

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Well the first thing I see in your file is the EXTERNAL_NET variable is set
to any. You might want to set that to !$HOME_NET for a start.

Second, you can run snort -T -c /etc/snort/snort.conf to test your snort

Next thing is to make sure your snort box is listening on a span port of a
switch or a tap or a hub (probably not using one in your case I think) and
that the span port/tap is configured correctly.

Then, if possible, you could try generating some traffic that Snort should
alert on, like maybe a web request for ftp.pl which should set off sid
1107. You could run some nessus tests or just do it manually with a
straightforward http://www.yourwebhost.org/ftp.pl or pick some other simple
rule to test.

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> I completed installing snort 2.2.0 (build 30) and have begun running it. The
> ACID GUI and /var/log/snort/alert files have not shown any alerts
> even though the program has been running for over an hour. To verify there
> no syntax errors in the snort.conf file, I ran the following:
> snort -c /etc/snort/snort.conf
> There were no errors and warnings, and the program appears to be running
> properly. Where in snort.conf and elsewhere, should I check for 
> configuration mistakes? I have included the snort.conf file here. Thanks.
>  <<snort.conf.29sept04.txt>> 
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