[Snort-users] Re: [Barnyard-users] Barnyard alert_fast and log_dump question ...

sam at ...5202... sam at ...5202...
Tue Oct 5 07:41:17 EDT 2004

Yes, it does.  That was my confusion as well..  If I use just the
alert_fast processor, then none of the packet payload or other information
gets dumped into the mysql database.  If I use the log_dump processor,
then everything about the packet (including timestamp, payload, etc. etc.)
get dumped into Mysql, and additionally the flat file, but nothing through

It seems like it has the information it needs..

> I may be a little dense, but what is the reason that barnyard can't
> recreate snort's alert_fast type log just based on the unified log
> file?  It has the source/destination/timestamp, and if I tell it where
> the sid-msg.map is, it has the alert name/msg.  At this point all I
> want it to do is write this to a file.
> I had a similar issue where snort was writing a unified log file and I
> wanted barnyard to do 3 things with it: Write to a remote database,
> write locally in tcpdump format, and write locally in alert fast
> format.  I could get the first two working, but for the life of me
> couldn't get "output alert_fast" to work in barnyard.  Until I read
> the comment directly above and saw that it converts data from the
> dp_alert plugin, not the dp_log.
> I guess my point is, doesn't the log facility write out all the
> information of alert facility PLUS some?
> On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 08:06:49 -0500, Bamm Visscher <bamm at ...539...> wrote:
>> I've heard rumors that the unified output format and/or barnyard will be
>> revamped some. Is there some reason you can't just run two instances of
>> barnyard (one to watch unified alert and output to alert_fast. And
>> another to watch unified log and ouput to DB)?
>> Bammkkkk
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