[Snort-users] log single packet vs reassmbled stream

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Mon Oct 4 04:02:15 EDT 2004

Hi Alex,
First of all thank you for you quick reply.....
I know about the tag keyword..... Is there any other way so that the entire session can be logged, if alert is generated in any of its packet.... 
The tag keyword only log packets after the alert generated.. and that to i have to specify the number of packets to log afterwards.. Actually I want to log the content of the entire session when any of its packet is alerted......

"Alex Butcher, ISC/ISYS" <Alex.Butcher at ...11254...> wrote:

--On 03 October 2004 20:39 -0700 Thomas Anderson wrote:

> If in a stream a packet got a alert then will the packet got logged or
> the stream got logged... or both of them get logged ??? If strem4
> preprocessor is enabled.....
> What i see is that only the alerted packet is logged.... Is there any
> option to enable the logging of the entire reassembled packet ?????

Assuiming you mean 'entire reassembled session', then what you're after is 
the tag keyword (note, though, that it cannot go back in time and include 
packets that were sent before the alert was generated).

> thanks in advance
> Thomas

Best Regards,
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