[Snort-users] Acid does not respond to hostname, only ip address.

Shawn Kottke skottke at ...11993...
Fri Oct 1 19:52:14 EDT 2004

Maybe the host file needs the fully qualified name (snortbox.domain.com) plus the short name (snortbox). 
Or perhaps your resolv.conf needs a domain entry so that the short name resolves correctly. 

Just a couple of thoughts. 

Shawn Kottke
Datalink Corporation

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I have a weird problem here.

I have DNS and /etc/hosts file configured.

I can ping the hostname of the snort machine running acid.

I can browse to the apache index.html of the snort machine running acid on apache using the hostname (and ip address as well).


I cannot seem to get to the acid main php page using the hostname. I can only get to it using ip address.

Here's the weird thing, a few month ago, I had a similar problem but it was the opposite. I cannot see the acid page using ip address but I can only see it using hostnames.

The only thing that changed is that I moved the snort box to a different LAN, BUT DNS and /etc/hosts are the same and I have /etc/resolv.conf configured to the correct nameserver and I can nslookup the snort machine fine from different computers.

Any suggestions as to what I am missing?



Lyndon Tiu

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