[Snort-users] Barnyard Questions -- syslog2 documentation and output to mysql

Sam Evans wintrmte at ...11827...
Fri Oct 1 09:46:06 EDT 2004


I've got a couple questions regarding Barnyard ..  

First, is there any documentation for the syslog2 output processor?  I
looked through the docs folder and could not come up with anything. 
Short of looking at the code, does anyone else have any information on

Also, it looks like (according to the sample barnyard.conf) the only
db output plugin the output_acid_db.  We are not using Acid for our
event tracking, and thus really do not want to convert our schema to
the acid schema.

Will this work the same as the output database: log, mysql, etc... 
that is in the snort output processor?


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