[Snort-users] snort 2.2, Windows and libpcap 3.1

jrhendri at ...9784... jrhendri at ...9784...
Fri Oct 1 07:31:07 EDT 2004

  I was wondering when snort on Windows would work with the libpcap 3.1 libraries.

  I want to be able to have snort and windump running (and ethereal too...) and currently the best combination I can find is:

snort-2.2.0 & libpcap-3.0 

but no windump..

windump works fine with the latest libpcap (3.1 series) but that causes snort to fail.

This seems to be known (it was mentioned back in April). 

Does Chris Reid read this list? If so, any thoughts?

Any thought when this might work again?


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