[Snort-users] Help me choose which system to run snort on.

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> Snort is not multi processor aware, I would go with he faster box.
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> Subject: [Snort-users] Help me choose which system to run snort on.
> I'm building an IDS network, I'll end up with about 6 snort sensors
> feeding
> back to a snort server.
> The snort server will be running:
> Linux
> mysql
> apache
> snort
> barnyard
> acid/base
> open aanval
> There are 2 servers available and I've been given my choice.  Basically,
> the
> servers are the same with regard to memory and hard drives.  The
> difference
> is that one is a dual processor system with 2 x 1 GHz processors and the
> other is a single processor system with a 2 GHz processor.
> I'm kind of leaning towards the dual processor system, but I wanted to
> see
> if anyone had any suggestions before I made up my mind.

Why are you planning on running Snort on the backend database server, given 
that you have 6 sensors already?

Assuming that this is unnecessary, I'd agree with the OP's assessment than 
the dual processor machine would be best; hopefully Apache and the PHP apps 
will end up running on one processor, and MySQL and barnyard on the other.

> Thanks,
> Barry

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