[Snort-users] Snort Analisys platform

mamo mamo74 at ...11827...
Sat Nov 27 08:50:41 EST 2004

Hello Everybody.

I am working for a company that want to deploy a large infrastructure
based on Snort for N-IDS. I plan we will have around 20-30 network
sensor and I think it is possibile they will produce more than 2
Million Events / Day (they are the number of event present in the
other commercial IDS platform already present).

I am confident Snort can work well in this enviroment, but I am
evaluating software for the event analisys task. I used Acid for some
times in smaller enviroment, and really like it, but I don't know if
it can permit user to query events with a db with more than 10 Million

The platform should have strong possibility to see event from
different point of view (source IP, Dest IP, Event Name, Network
Sensor Name, etc) and drill down to better analize. This approch is
the only one I have found that permit to analize so much events.

Do you have any experience to share on software
(commercial/opensource), that can permit Snort events analisys for an
enviroment with so much events?

Best Regards,

Sorry for my poor English

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