[Snort-users] exporting snort logs

Endre Szekely-Bencedi Endre.Szekely-Bencedi at ...12701...
Tue Nov 23 03:36:01 EST 2004

Hi All,

I know this has been an over-discussed matter, however I did not find
anything that could help me.
I am supposed to export LARGE records from Snort database (mysql). I have
ACID also BASE set up on the machine.

PHP is giving me errors as I am exceeding the 8MB limit when trying to do a
CSV e-mail export on a certain alert that has almost 100,000 occurances. I
am trying to increase the amount of memory PHP can use to something like
256MB just to see, but this means that anyway I will have a cap. Was
wondering if there is any tool that can do this like exporting in chunks or
something to avoid this problem and to be able to export - theoretically -
any amount of data... appreciate any ideas on this.

Also, how you guys manage to identify false alarms? I am getting alerts for
"communication administratively prohibited" or something like that from a
few routers outside of our network for 19 IP addresses (8 machines) from
our network - there are like 140 machines - and this is up to almost
100,000. I did not manage to determinde yet what is causing this huge
amount of alerts... tcpdump looks pretty encrypted to me, didn't see
anything interesting yet just lots of packets towards our proxy server and
to some exchange server...

Any hints on how to do this? Perhaps some tools ... ?

Another problem, my queries are VERY slow, waiting 3-4-5 minutes sometimes
to get a result list from ACID (db is like 500,000 alerts now).
Machine is a 2.8GHz P4 / 512 RAM / 80 Gb HDD - 7200 RPM.

Is this normal or I have some problems in the mysql database?


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