[Snort-users] Future of IDS

Bill Parker dogbert at ...11664...
Fri Nov 19 20:05:00 EST 2004

Hi All,

    I'm working on a paper for a computer security course i'm currently enrolled in, and wanted some viewpoints on where the future of Intrusion Detection Systems is headed?  I was looking at the issues of Intrusion Prevention augmenting or even replacing Intrusion Detection, etc?

I have also heard comments from various persons regarding the issue of firewalls being obsolete or a dead end (I personally don't buy the arguements), but I would very much like to hear pro and con arguments about this idea?

Finally, since end users are having more difficultly securing their home PC's and networks, I was wondering if the government might step in to force or mandate filtering at ISP's or providers of internet access?  I could see something like this happening, due to the fact in most cases, it is unreasonable to expect most people to be that knowledgable about security issues (though the situation is improving, compared to years ago).

Any comments would be welcome...

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