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(1) Make sure you are actually using the one you compiled. There may be more
than one snort on your system.
"which snort" should tell you which one is found first in your PATH. To be
certain, you should always specify the full path ESPECIALLY when running
anything as root (even in scripts!)

(2) Make sure you set the right compile options when you built snort.

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I´m following Patric Patrick S. Harper guide and I´m
getting this error on /var/log/messages:

snort: database: 'mssql' support is not compiled into
this build of snort
snort: FATAL ERROR: If this build of snort was
obtained as a binary distribution 
(e.g., rpm, or Windows), then check for alternate
builds that contains the necessary 
'mssql' support.  If this build of snort was compiled
by you, then re-run the the
 ./configure script using the '--with-mssql' switch.
For non-standard installations 
of a database, the '--with-mssql=DIR' syntax may need
to be used to specify the base 
directory of the DB install.  See the database
documentation for cursory details 
(doc/README.database). and the URL to the most recent
database plugin documentation.
kernel: device eth0 left promiscuous mode

I used wget to download it from the place that is in
the manual,


Jose Costa

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