[Snort-users] Multiple NICs in a Linux box and Snort

Bennett Todd bet at ...6163...
Fri Nov 19 11:50:05 EST 2004

2004-11-19T19:18:38 Glenn Bailey:
> I just did this yesterday .. Easy on a Fedora Coree box:
> # modprobe bonding
> # ifconfig bond0 up
> # ifenslave bond0 eth1
> # ifenslave bond0 eth2
> # snort -i bond0
> That just bonds the 2 eth interfaces to one .. Then run Snort
> against it ..

_Excellent_! I've not been working with Fedoras, didn't know how new
the bonding driver there was. Propogating promisc from the bond0
interface down to the underlying eth* NICs was adding since I last
played with it, and it sounds like they've cleaned up the whinging
from ifenslave on unnumbered interfaces.

Thanks for the followup. This is such nice news.

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