[Snort-users] Trying to get snort-inline/acid running

Matthew K. Lee mattl at ...12405...
Fri Nov 19 11:45:00 EST 2004


I may have run into this error.  I recall having to add support for
sessions via /usr/ports/lang/php4-extensions.

Best of luck,


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Subject: [Snort-users] Trying to get snort-inline/acid running

With Acid on FreeBSD 5.3: 

I realize 5.3 is untested in the snort-inline arena but I am having no
issues so far with inline.  I am getting the following error when I try
to bring up the acid main page:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: session_module_name() in
/usr/local/www/acid/acid_state_common.inc on line 49

What is the deal there, anyone seen this error before?


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Bandai America
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