[Snort-users] Re: [Openvpn-users] Anyone know how to detect OpenVPN traffic?

Erik Anderson erikba at ...12686...
Fri Nov 19 10:42:48 EST 2004

Without any strong knowledge of the inner workings of OpenVPN, I would 
hazard to guess that:
  "shared secret" encryption would be difficult to detect, "certificates" 
(required for 2.0 multi-servers) may be detectable by an SSL-style startup 
sequence (which I know nothing about) unless they were cloaked by an 
additional shared secret.  Shared-secret encryption has no unencrypted 
negotiation or initialization, the two machines just start throwing 
encrypted packets at each other.

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> [This should put the cat amongst the pigeons ;-)]
> I love OpenVPN - great piece of work. However, with my corporate security 
> hat on, I'd like to be able to detect it within our corporate network on 
> our Snort servers. We can detect IPSec easily enough, but these NAT'ted 
> type technologies are ... rather harder.
> It can run over both TCP and UDP, on arbitrary ports (defaults to 1194), 
> supports LZO compression, certificates and shared keys.
> I have tried to sniff the traffic and find some commonality - but without 
> much luck so far.
> Is there any "initialization" sequences that are common, that a Snort 
> signature(s) could be written for? Has anyone else done it?
> Thanks!
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