[Snort-users] Where to place the IDS ?

andrea andrea.gasparetto at ...12680...
Fri Nov 19 09:09:19 EST 2004

Well, that becouse I read Thru the snort manual and ISS Paper that I have this 
doubts now; I don't have clear Ideas yet but I think I did simple questions..

P.s.: I'm trying to write an Italian Howto about the two books upthere,
Have to do it for my network exam

Alle 17:14, venerdì 19 novembre 2004, Edin Dizdarevic ha scritto:
> Hi there,
> Snort can do anything you want. Read some previous postings in order to
> find out how. And before all, read the manual, it is ment for people
> like you.
> Regards,
> Edin
> andrea wrote:
> > Is it convenient to use snort in the same machine of the firewall
> > (iptables)? Or is it a waste of resources?
> > Do you use a whole machine for snort?
> > Can snort stop malicious traffic? For example applying firewall rules? Or
> > is it just a logger?

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