[Snort-users] ' asn1' in rule!..HELP

Eric Hines eric.hines at ...8860...
Thu Nov 18 14:34:01 EST 2004

This error message is indicative of you using Snort 2.2 rulesets on a pre
Snort 2.2 binary. The ASN.1 rule option was implemented in version 2.2 of
Snort. Do a $ snort -V to check your Snort version.


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"Harris, Sam" <Sam.Harris at ...12674...> writes:

>    Anybody can think of why or how to solve this :
>    ERROR: Warning: /etc/snort/rules/exploit.rules(79) => Unknown keyword
>    ' asn1' in rule!

I'm guessing you've got a version of the rules which is too new for your
snort version.

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