[Snort-users] HSC can not connect to snort database!

dogfart big dogfartbig at ...131...
Thu Nov 18 05:17:07 EST 2004

Hi I setup all my snort + snortsam + mysql + acid infrastructure on my Linux box. I find inreresting tool for analyzing snort logs at activex.org.
Honeyput Security Console (HSC) 
I set ip tables on my linux and allow mysql 3306 port from my winxp station. 
I try to connect on snort database but I get an error.
I sniff the traffic and see that hsc send "username + @computerdomainname" instead of username and of course access for this user is denied.Which I can see from decoded communication.
I know that i can create user "username + @computerdomainname" and give a grant to snort database but is there option to send just "username" that i put in the first dialogue box? I must recreate user every time I change my Win XP computer name.
Anyone solv this?

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