[Snort-users] Help on logs

Renaud Leroy action09 at ...12671...
Tue Nov 16 14:32:03 EST 2004

Hi !

I made a litte gateway for my lan ( 3 PC ), i have 2 ethernet cards on
the gateway ( an old Pentium 100 32 MB RAM): eth0 = external ( connected
to the adsl modem) and eth1 = internal (connected to the lan ) , the
gateway is sharing connection by iptables/netfilter for the
3 PC ( -> )

I installed snort on the gateway  /0\ i don't know if it is a BIG
security risqk if someone root the gateway or something else...

HEre's my configuration and i can't see anything in the logs
( h**p://action09.suidzer0.org/snort.conf )

I'm running netfilet iptables  on the gateway ( rules same as this -->
h**p://people.via.ecp.fr/~alexis/formation-linux/firewall.html )

i add portsentry from which i can't either see some portscan?

is it an error from me ? confguration NOK ?
The ISP is blocking some attacks ? or netfilter ?

Please help

Thanks by advance and sorry for my bad English.

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