[Snort-users] Off topic...how does DSL reports and the like test speed...someth ing I can use myself?

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Wed Nov 10 07:57:04 EST 2004

At 09:13 AM 11/10/2004, Jason Humes wrote:
>So we are looking for a way to test various customers throughput and so far
>we cant find anything which will test throughput without having to install
>an agent (or something like that) at each customer site.  How does DSL
>Reports or similar sites perform their speed testing?  Does anyone know of
>software like that which I could run on our servers and have our clients run
>the speed tests themselves, to our sites?  We need some sort of throughput
>test which does not require the use of agents on both sides of the link.
>Any ideas.  Thanks.

I don't know of any freebies that don't involve agents on both ends, but I 
can explain how most of the sites out there work.

Most of these work by giving the client a large image file to download and 
measuring how long it takes to complete on the server side.

Others use a small script which downloads a file and measures the speed on 
the client side.

As examples:
cnet's tool uses an image file:

http://www.beelinebandwidthtest.com/ uses a shockwave flash application 
that downloads 175k of data. I presume it measures the time on the client 
side in the flash code.

Of course, most of these tests are fairly prone to wild variation. I ran 
three tests on cnet's site, the first was absurdly slow (300k) and the 
other two indicated t1 class bandwidth. Tests at two other sites indicated 
t1 and 110% of t1 (The link here is a bit odd, but the actual sustained 
bandwidth is about 30% higher than a t1).

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