[Snort-users] Snort eating up disk space

Nick Hatch nick at ...11410...
Tue Nov 9 21:22:01 EST 2004

Use the -N commandline option? I think that's what you want.


Walt Rich wrote:

> Hopefully someone has run into this issue.  We have Snort IDS's that 
> log to a central log server using Syslog-NG.  We don't need for snort 
> to write anything to disk on the IDS boxes, and since it writes to 
> /va/log/snort, it's eating up about 4 GB's of disk every day.   
> Logging to Syslog-ng is all we need right now.  Does anyone know how 
> to stop snort from writing to disk?   I don't mean changing the 
> directory where it will write, but just stopping it from writing to 
> disk altogether. 
> Thanks in advance

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