[Snort-users] Incorrect payload on acid alerts

Joshua Berry jberry at ...11848...
Tue Nov 9 07:00:07 EST 2004

Several times I have seen a similar issue for HTTP sessions where
multiple HTTP connections are shown for own alert.  It appears that
several sessions had been combined into a single snort alert and many of
these sessions did not match any of the signatures.

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> Hi,
>> I have a snort version 2.1.0 installed a few month now and it worked
>> fine.
>> Alerts output is to mysql and acid.
>> Recently I added a Microsoft sms server which createstons of alerts
>> For example : WEB-MISC http directory traversal
>> The problem is when I look at the payload I can see the beginning of
>> payload which was actually sent to the sms server and the rest
>> different sessions (parts of email messages , part of telnet
>> the alert is generated by the wrong part of the payload.
>> Can anyone help me ?
> yes, upgrade to snort-2.1.3 or better to snort-2.2.0.
> There were some bugs within stream4 which caused a mixup of parts
> from other sessions.

I've seen this in 2.2.0, also. :-(

The checksum has been wrong in these cases.

I wasn't sure whether it was caused by a bug in the switch whose ports
I'm spanning, or snort, otherwise I'd have reported it before now.

> Dirk

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