[Snort-users] Snort timeouts - how do I extend time?

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Mon Nov 8 06:17:44 EST 2004

--On 08 November 2004 06:46 -0500 Michael Chilcott 
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>    I am using SNORT and ACID on a Linux fedora core 2 box, and the
> database has over 2.1 million records. Using the ACID front-end to delete
> old and unneeded records is very slow, and it mostly time outs. I am even
> doing it by small time frames, but at this rate I will never catch-up. My
> background w/ mysql, is very limited...    So I guess my question is, "Is
> there a line in the configs, that I can change so it does not time out?"

$max_script_runtime in acid_conf.php.

> Thanks,
> Mike

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