[Snort-users] Problem with the -o option

Kaplan, Andrew H. AHKAPLAN at ...10063...
Fri Nov 5 14:04:02 EST 2004

Matt --

I believe I found the problem: I did a check of the policy-based rules file
located in the rules folder. I had 
a hunch the file was really a symbolic link. As it turned out, it was a symbolic
link pointing to an obsolescent
file. I recreated the link to the 'real' policy-based rules file and after that
the amount of alerts dramatically
dropped off. Thanks for yours and everyone's help.

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At 10:50 AM 11/5/2004, Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote:
>2. The pass rules all have the <> operand between every instance of the source
>and destination. Is there anything else I need to do within
>the file?

Can you post an example of what your pass rules look like?

they should be of the format:

         pass ip host1/32 any <> host2/32 any

         pass ip net1/cidrmask1 any <> net2/cidrmask2 any

(of course, you can make the pass rule more restrictive, by specifying 
source/dest ports and a protocol other than IP (ie: tcp))

pass host1 <> host2 isn't valid, as far as I know.

The last example sounds like what you're trying to describe, but I'm not 
sure exactly what your pass rules look like based on your vague description.

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