[Snort-users] installation problems

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Tue Nov 2 07:50:32 EST 2004

At 09:33 AM 11/2/2004, Ulf N wrote:
>Hi, I try to get it allgoing on a fc2 inst but it all stops with this message:
>rpm -ivh snort-2.2.0-0.fdr.1.i386.rpm
>error: Failed dependencies:
>         libpcap.so.0.6.2 is needed by snort-2.2.0-0.fdr.1
>Did all the ipre nstallations but used libpccap-0-8-3-tar-gz as it's 
>described soin the manual. Wrongly ?

If you want to use RPMs, use RPMs, not tarballs.

the RPM package manager will not be aware of your libpcap install via tarball.

So you have two options:
         1) install snort via source tarball, which will search out and 
find your libpcap.
         2) install libpcap via RPM instead of tarball, which will let you 
install snort in RPM format.

And a third less desirable:
         3) install the snort rpm with the --nodeps flag so RPM will ignore 
the libpcap dependency.  

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