[Snort-users] Bleeding rules

Rocio Alfonso Pita rozio at ...3881...
Tue Nov 2 07:49:10 EST 2004


  I activate bleeding rules in a computer, and when I add these files to my 

[+] Added files: [+]

    -> bleeding-inappropriate.rules
    -> bleeding-malware.rules
    -> bleeding-p2p.rules
    -> bleeding-policy.rules
    -> bleeding-sid-msg.map
    -> bleeding-virus.rules
    -> bleeding.rules

  snort not start with this error:

Nov 02 10:23:11 pc snort: FATAL 
ERROR: /var/oinkmaster/rules/bleeding-sid-msg.map(1) => Unknown rule type: 

  what is the problem? If I comment the line with "bleeding-sid-msg.map", 
snort runs well.

  Thanks and regards,

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