[Snort-users] 100 Client VPN

The Shell samwun at ...9831...
Mon May 31 06:34:08 EDT 2004

Steven Coutts wrote:

>If I wanted to create an openVPN server with about 100 clients to
>connect, is there an easier way to do it than run 100 different openvpn
>processes each using a different port?
I have tried beta2, I configured the vpn server with only one port to 
service connection requests from multiple vpn clients. It works fine, 
but I never tried the number of users that scale up to 100 clients. I 
heard that OpenVPN has limited only 50 connections.
Does anyone know what is the hardware requirement to provide ssl-vpn 
connections for 50 or 100 clients logon simultanously?
Does OpenVPN (beta2) use multi-threads or typical process forking for 
the service of vpn client connection?
The command ps -auxww | grep vpn only shown there is only one openvpn 
process running eventhought there are multi-clients estalbished connection.


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