[Snort-users] performance monitoring

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Hope this helps.
Time	 % Pkts Drop	 Mbits p/sec wire	 Alerts p/sec	 KPkts p/sec
Avg bytes p/pkts	 Pattern Match %	 SYN Pkts p/sec	 SYN/ACK
Pkts p/sec	 New sessions p/sec	 Del sessions p/sec	 Total
sessions	 Max Sessions for time	 Stream Flushes p/sec	 Stream
Faults p/sec	 Stream Timeouts	 Frag Comp p/sec	 Frag
Inserts p/sec	 Frag Del p/sec	 Frag Flush p/sec	 Frag Timeouts
Frag Faults	 CPU User%	 CPU SYS%	 CPU IDLE%	

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I am output the performance monitoring to a file and i would like to know
what each column represents does any one know I plan on parsing and
displaying in a web page.
below is the output.


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