[Snort-users] Apache/Acid + server

Cilin cilin5 at ...131...
Thu May 27 16:46:02 EDT 2004

I am trying to figure out what purpose does the Apache
server play along with Acid to display the Snort
report. I want to configure Apache for a small cgi
website and am wondering if i can configure it while
its is still doing its job with Acid/Snort. Anyone
have any idea IF it can be done? or only one instance
of Apache can be used per computer(serever)? As far as
i know the report generated by acid shouldn't be
displayed online it should be for local view. If
anyone can clear my state of confusion, it will be
greatly appreciated.



P.S. On a side note, has anyone noticed fewer major(i
mean non-scan) attacks during the last month or so? I
used to log 50x more before and now everything seems
calm and eerie. I did get the latest snort rules, but
still not loggin much except WebDAV search access,
Javascript URL host spoofing attempt, and the various

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