[Snort-users] Why the alert # in the snort final stat do not match the alert # in log?

Lin Zhong Lin.Zhong at ...11426...
Wed May 26 13:11:08 EDT 2004

Hi, Can anybody help me with this problem? 

I have defined my own version of alert_CSV, but when I examine the alert file generate and snort's final statistic output. I say a gap between the alert # in the alert file (491 alerts )and that shown in snort final stat output(494 alerts and 494 logged). 

I wonder what cause this gap.

Could the 3 misery alerts be the alerts for the preprocessors. I saw the snort STERR output and find
alert_fragments: INACTIVE
alert_large_fragments: ACTIVE
alert_incomplete: ACTIVE
alert_multiple_requests: ACTIVE
I wonder whether these three alerts for for alert_large_fragments, alert_incomplete or alert_multiple_requests. 

But I don't know where these alerts go to... I couldn't find them in my log file.

Thank you very much


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