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What if the attack (NMAP scan) comes from the same IP address with the
external interface of the firewall -- through the decoy function of
NMAP, or IP spoofing. How about ARP spoofing -- Cain and Abel software,
or ettercap?
How this piece of software deals with these scenarios?
Will this create a DOS on the firewall?

Thank you,
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Hi, I want to upload a contrib software that integrates with snort.
The objetive of this project is the creation of a software
that can be used to control the IP traffic arriving to a
server exposed to internet throught a firewall and there
is an NIDS (snort) detecting attack patterns.
As the NIDS detect an attack pattern, a rule is fired that
end with the creation of a filter in the firewall that drop
the traffic from the source address suspected.
The NIDS and the firewall are not needed to run on the same
This software provides a server and a client applications that
integrates with snort to block any source IP address for a
specified time. The client must be run on the snort system and
is a snort plugin. The server must be installed (and running) in
a system acting as a firewall (where the netfilter rules are applied).
A rule must be configured in the snort rules files that fire
the plugin when the defined condition is reached.
I need some help to test and optimize this software, adding
features like encrypted communication between client and server,
and some others that can be practical for the project.

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