[Snort-users] How to Triggering Windows Exploits?

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Tue May 25 15:32:01 EDT 2004

Hi Joshua,

Your answer is a little bit different from what I was asking. Let me elaborate a little. Are the rules written in a way that requires a targeted computer have to respond to an attack or something of that nature for Snort to issue an alert. I have yet to see my Snort sensor alert me to any MS exploits (various network worms such as Sasser, blaster...etc) . I assumed the reason for this was because there are no Windows PC connected to the network Snort is sensing on. Another test I ran to see if Snort would issue an alert was the Cisco exploits. I do not have any Cisco devices on my network but I attempted to trigger an alert my hitting an IP on the protected network with the PERL script. No alerts. Do I have to have the appropriate Cisco deivce to trigger the alert? Just a side note I'm using the most current rules for Snort (inluding the rules to detect the Cisco exploits) for testing and information gathering.

Any help on this I would greatly appreciate!


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> Snort will not verify OS or Services running on the target machine
> unless you patch it with something like the Attack Verification patch
> that uses Nessus to verify actual vulnerabilities of the target.
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> Hi everyone-
> I have a simple question. Is it true that some Snort alerts are only
> triggered if the target computer is vulnerable to that attack? To 
> be a
> little more specific... if an attacks targets an exploit in 
> Windows 2000
> and I only have Linux running in my network will Snort alert me to 
> thoseWindows attacks? The reason I ask is because I have a Snort 
> sensordetecting detecting attacks against a Linux box running 
> Apache. I
> noticed that the only attacks I detect are SQL, HTTP and Linux 
> related.About a week ago for a brief time an associate put a 
> Windows 2k box off
> of the hub and I started to get hit with these Alerts I had never seen
> before (MS Exploits). I want to capture more data on the amount of
> exploits attacks on Windows and was wondering for me to gather 
> that data
> would I have to have a Windows computer on the network Snort is 
> sensing?Thanks in advance!
> Alan     
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