[Snort-users] Forcing mudpit to use a special port for stunnel

Maetzky, Steffen (Extern) Steffen.Maetzky at ...11508...
Tue May 25 01:32:14 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I try to set up mudpit with stunnel but I ran into a problem which I can't

I'd like to use the following scheme: 	(sensor)
3306--3307---(stunnel)---3307--3306 (database) 

The problem seems to be that mudpit use a random(?) port instead of 3306
which is expected by stunnel. 

I have tried to add port 3306 to the output line of mudpit but without
I can't find the right option and mudpit failes to start. 

Anyone out there who use mudpit with stunnel and can help me?

Does Redhat 9 have a general possibility to force an application to use a
special port?

Thanks in advance,


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