[Snort-users] High Speed Network Cards + rules?

Christopher Rapier rapier at ...11836...
Mon May 24 12:34:01 EDT 2004

On May 24, 2004, at 3:08 PM, Keith W. McCammon wrote:

>> 	It is my understanding that most network cards at 50% capacity begin 
>> to
>> miss packets and create a false negatives condition (IDS evasion 
>> technique).
>> Is anyone aware of any cards that exist that collect 100% of the 
>> traffic
>> with 0% false negatives due to this condition?  If not, what is the 
>> next
>> best thing?
> The amount of dropped packets is a function of a lot more than the 
> card.  You have memory, CPU, etc.  Having a good card (Intel Pro has 
> always worked very well for me--as good as any) goes a long way, but 
> you need a goodly amount of RAM and CPU time to keep up if

What do you mean by high speed? If you mean GigE then I'd move to a 
fiber card with a 64bit bus. We use the Syskonnect SK-9843 here and its 
really top notch. I don't know much about copper GigE cards as we just 
don't use them here.

If you mean 100bT then the Intel Pro cards are good. We use them a lot 
as well. 

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