[Snort-users] Snort getting RNA-like overhaul?

Keith W. McCammon keith-list at ...6015...
Mon May 24 07:25:05 EDT 2004

[Apologies if this is too "general discussion" for anyone's 
taste--please respond off-list if you don't care to muddy everyone's 
inbox with replies.]

I caught a headline on ZDNet this morning related to Marty's AusCERT 
seminar.  Bottom line: Marty made some mention of a potential overhaul 
of the Snort engine to support more RNA-like activities (basically 
taking Snort from the more traditional IDS space into the general 
policy-enforcement arena).

The article:

DC SUG post from this AM:

Anyway, I was just curious what type of attention this has been getting 
within the more active Snort development and planning circles.  I know 
it's been discussed within Sourcefire, as well as on this list (in a 
more general sense), but I wasn't sure if anything was on paper.  I know 
it's a lot of work, so I'm specifically curious how Snort's existing 
framework would map simultaneously to policy-based specs as well as the 
traditional rules and inspection engine.

Again, more personal interest than anything else, so any comments, 
thoughts, detailed road map documentation welcome...



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