[Snort-users] flow-portscan.

Chris Keladis chris at ...6400...
Sun May 23 02:19:02 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I was hoping someone could clarify something about flow-portscan's alerting.

I'm using unified output w/mudpit.

 From what i could gather reading the Snort docs, the flow-portscan module 
uses the logging sub-system to send it's alerts when it is configured with 
"output-mode pktkludge" (so it generates a fake pkt, i assume since unified 
output cannot handle variable text in alert messages).

Since i have both logging and alert streams feeding into mudpit, i'm 
wondering why i'm not getting anything out of flow-portscan?

gen-msg.map contains the SIDs for GID 121, and is also configured with 
mudpit. Also, server-watchnet is configured for the network to be monitored.

Was hoping someone could explain the way it's supposed to work, in the case 
of unified output?



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