[Snort-users] Libnet 1.0.2a with Libnet 1.1.x

Joshua Berry jberry at ...11848...
Fri May 21 15:20:02 EDT 2004


That got it to generate the Makefile properly and it compiled.  I will
have to test to see if Flexresp actually works next week.

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Hi Joshua,

> Has anyone been able to get Snort 2.1.x working on a system with both
> of these libraries?  I have to use Libnet 1.1.x for another
> application so I have installed Libnet 1.0.2a to /usr/src/libnet.
> I run ./configure -enable-flexresp
> -with-libnet-includes=/usr/src/libnet/include
> -with-libnet-libraries=/usr/src/libnet/lib

the problem may be a dynamic library in contrast to a
static one. Try to set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH
to point first to the 1.0.2a library and then retry configure

Or at least if both libraries are in the same directory you
should try LD_PRELOAD.

Best regards


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