[Snort-users] ANVIL - WAS [Snort-users] which rules to download

Corey Rock snort_sigs at ...125...
Fri May 21 10:57:15 EDT 2004

I'm not an unhappy IDS admin....I love it!  My colleagues aren't 
unhappy....we love snort, and this community that constantly develops the 
tools we need....new scripts, new front-end interfaces...simply rocks.  

No, the only commercial product we could ever see needing is RNA by 
Sourcefire.  And their CTO wrote Snort.


>From: "Adriel T. Desautels" <atd at ...10635...>
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The market
>is saturated with unhappy IDS administrators, and I want to hear what they
>have to say.  Our goal is to provide a real working solution to these
>	So, again, I apologize for the advertisement, it wasn't my goal. I've had
>enough flames.
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