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Fri May 21 08:59:46 EDT 2004


Ive snipped out some of the recent posts to this thread. Weve been doing 
extensive research into snort speeds at my University and to me it seems 
like these 2 posts are completely innaccurate and absurb. Chad claims to 
capture all traffic with all rules and preprocessors with a $2500 piece of 
hardware, while if you buy a $50,000 solution from Sourcefire(home of the 
creator of snort) you can only get 1 Gig and they disable rules and 
And then when Chris asked you your specs on your box you differ him to 

Even getting 800 Mb/s as Rafael said is not impossible but  really is not 
feasible without hardcore kernel modifcation and maybe even silicon chips 
and ASIC cards.

Would either of you like to share how your able to do this, I mean the 
technologies and hardware you using?  Also how do you verify these results?

-- UoC --

-- snip Rafael Ortega--
>I'm currently snorting close to 800Mbps with no problem.  What to do with
>the amount of info, is another story.  I tried ACID, but after 24 hours and
>700,000 events registered, the data base becomes too slow, even after
>indexing certain reference fields.
-- end snip --

-- snip Kreimendahl, Chad --
>FWIW... I've got systems that are easily handling between 3-4Gbps each.
>That's partially hardware, partially OS, and a little tiny config work.
>Very near to all rules enabled on these interfaces, as well as all of
>the preprocessors (minus the broken ones), and a database output plugin.
>0 dropped packets.   If you check the archives for this list, you'll
>find discussions about kernels that can do polling against network
>devices, and how this enhances snort performance on high speed links
>(network performance in general, really).  I believe I mention the OSes,
>maybe some config info and hardware used.
-- end snip --

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