[Snort-users] Come hither payload

Gould, Scott sgould at ...11473...
Thu May 20 22:18:02 EDT 2004

OK, here's the deal:

RH EL 3 Update 1

Snort 2.1.2
	Using unified_log 
Acid (latest)
Barnyard 0.2
	Processing *.log.<stamp> files with no problems

Apache 2.0.49
PHP 4.3.3

Everything working like a champ except the payloads don't show up in

Result of grep against ACID install directory for data_payload:

acid_action.inc:   $sql = "SELECT data_payload FROM data WHERE
sid='$sid' AND cid='$cid'";
acid_action.inc:      $sql = "INSERT INTO data (sid,cid, data_payload)
acid_common.php:  $sql2 = "SELECT data_payload FROM data WHERE
sid='".$sid."' AND cid='".$cid."'";
acid_qry_alert.php:  $sql2 = "SELECT data_payload FROM data WHERE
sid='".$sid."' AND cid='".$cid."'";
acid_qry_common.php:         $tmp = $field[$i][0]." data_payload
".$field[$i][1]." '%".FormatPayload($field[$i][2], $data_encode).

So, the queries are in the ACID code.

I have confirmed the existence of the payload info in the mysqldb
existence via direct queries against the mysql db as the same user that
ACID uses to access the db, using mysql tols.  

There is no doubt that the Table "data" is populated with data in the
fields sid, cid, and data_payload

Data is flowing AOK from snort->unified log file->barnyard->mysqldb

Yet ACID doesn't show a payload for anything.

Any ideas?

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