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Thu May 20 07:30:05 EDT 2004

--On 20 May 2004 16:17 +0200 derk van de Velde <derk at ...11777...> wrote:

> hi,
> i installed snort because some weeks ago, one machin inside our network
> attacked a lot of machines outside. so we were blocked by my isp.
> i think snort is a good product to signal thise attacks, is that correct?

With a bit of luck, yes.

> because sometimes i get many alerts aday, is snortalog a good way to track
> them?
> is there a better way to find (fast) the real severe alerts?

I think ACID is pretty good. Though, as with any NIDS, you'll need to tune 
Snort's rules for your environment. If you don't tune your NIDS, it'll 
probably generate too much data for you to effectively analyse, and it'll 
sit gathering dust in the corner of your machine room.

> thanks and regards,
> derk

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